# Requirements

Before you apply for maintainership to add your device to our official devices list, please read the following requirements carefully.

Warning: Any violations found or any attempts to circumvent the requirements below may lead to your application being rejected and you being blacklisted from the maintainer program.

  1. You must physically own the device you are applying official status for. We do not allow blind builds.

    • We may allow exceptions if a trusted friend owns the device and is willing to help test your builds. However, this will only be approved on a case-by-case basis.
    • Asking users to test blind builds is not allowed.
  2. You must have a working knowledge of Git and Gerrit.

  3. You must maintain said device unofficially for at least 1 month with constant updates. Make sure builds are stable for usage. Users should not report any significant problems with your build.

  4. You must release your device sources publicly with proper authorship on every commit. We do not allow hiding sources to "compete" with other ROM teams, as we believe that goes against the open source spirit.

  5. Once applied, please do not spam team members with updates regarding your application. We will respond within a week with your application decision.